Given that the areas of activity of Quadrant Consulting Group are directly dependent on the human factor, the Group greatly emphasizes on creativity, skills and mobilization of its personnel.

Human Resources are the driving force behind the Group's effort to develop and make continuous progress, as it is essentially people themselves who shape its goals and participate actively in their fulfillment. With an average age of 32 years, highly educated- many with graduate degrees from European and American Universities- with expertise, skills and experience, the counterparts, partners and support staff of the Group are always in a position to cope with the demands of modern scientific, technological and design developments, in the best possible way.

The Group also puts great emphasis on the continuous education and training of its employees. It has created a flexible, yet clearly defined operation system; on the one hand enabling easy adjustment to the constantly changing market and, on the other hand, facilitating its employees in their daily work. Within its working environment, the Group constantly urges its employees to take initiative and seek new, innovative ideas through their produced work. Quadrant Consulting Group combines imagination with the technocratic element, philosophical thinking with a mathematical approach, creativity with method, all in order to strive for perfection in the elaboration of its projects and to create strong ties between its people. Teamwork is the basis on which the Group operates and the general underlying philosophy of its work; a mix of talented people with different perspectives and complementary skills, study together, produce together, get to know each other and are able to share their knowledge and ideas.

Furthermore, the computer system that the Group operates is one of the most comprehensive and advanced of its kind and is regularly adapted to comply to modern standards and developments; the choice of software and hardware is always on the cutting edge of technology. The equipment used by the Group is complete with a network of powerful, latest-type computers, plotters, printers, copiers, scanners, 3D screens for presentations, and other peripheral equipment. The elaboration of the studies is realized through the use of modern software for two and three-dimensional design, supported by programs of photorealistic modelling, image editing, page layout, and many more. Beyond these, a whole series of specialized programs serve for various operations carried out in areas of activity of the Group, such as lighting design software, insolation-shading, advanced mathematical calculations, electromechanical calculations, composition of time schedules, estimations of quantities and costs, programming of projects, even specific software applications prepared by the colleagues themselves for specialized use. Libraries of technical specifications, material resources, as well as online links to external databases, all complete the computerization system in use.