Quadrant Consulting Group has been established in Athens and is managed by four premier Greek consulting firms:
Architecture / Interior Design / Master Planning / Urban Design / Sustainable Design / Landscape Design

Potiropoulos+Partners is the 2015 rebranding of Potiropoulos D+L Architects to include younger partners and reflect the international point of view on the future of the built environment. The practice was originally founded in 1989 by Dimitris Potiropoulos and Liana Nella-Potiropoulou and has established itself as one of Greece’s foremost architectural firms, with studios based in Athens and London. Today, it has expanded into a wide-member, dynamic team of architects, CAD operators, graphic designers, specialized collaborators and administrative personnel, providing full service of research, supervision of construction and consulting across the whole spectrum of scales of architectural and urban planning projects. The studio operation has also expanded abroad, materialising projects of different typologies in various geographical locations; in 2011 an office branch was established in London, operating as a subsidiary company under the name “Active Grids Ltd” (www.active-grids.com).

Combining the pursuit of theoretical and architectural design issues with the ability to implement studies on large-scale or complex projects, “Potiropoulos + Partners” studio is counted amongst the leading Greek architectural offices. Its activities include projects of all typologies and scale; interior spaces, residences, buildings for professional or specialized use, as well as development and other urban-scale projects. The studio consists of a production team that constantly reflects upon and evolves design issues and is committed to renewing architectural ideas both on a theoretical and a synthetic level.

During the design process the team examines ideas that reflect the social, cultural and technological conditions of modern times. It investigates design proposals that enhance our quality of life - from building to city scale - examines the environment in which we live and work privately and publicly, and evaluates the consequent effects on our overall living conditions. The office is particularly sensitive to issues of sustainable architecture and the protection of the environment in the context of sustainable development, but also to any particularities related to specific local climatic, social and cultural conditions. These principles are constantly referred to and, therefore, reflected in the design decisions made in projects, irrespective of their typology and size, essentially formulating the logic and style of the final design proposals.

The regular involvement of “Potiropoulos + Partners” in architectural competitions allows the office to constantly examine new synthetic approaches by taking advantage of the extensive research opportunities at hand. Therefore, the office design process is characterized by a bidirectional motion between experimentation and practice, constantly contributing new, innovative ideas to the production of the implemented project. The office has been repeatedly honoured in contests, and many of its buildings are a result of these awards. Its projects have been presented in exhibitions in Greece and abroad, and in lectures of Dimitris and Liana Potiropoulos, and have been published both in the Greek and International Press.

Architectural Design / Interior Design / Industrial Design

The office “M&M Architects” was founded in 1985 by Gerasimos Drimaropoulos and Monika Graf, and is based in Athens. Today, it consists of a dynamic team of architects and designers and collaborates on a regular basis with external expert partners who offer specialized services. “M&M Architects” is considered a leading architectural office in Athens, engaged in the provision of architectural design, supervision and construction services, with an expertise in the typologies of residences, office buildings, commercial premises, industrial facilities, interior design and landscaping. Furthermore, the office participates in architectural contests and many of its projects have been presented in the Greek architectural and mainstream press, as well as on television. It is a member of the Hellenic-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Apart from architectural design, “M&M Architect's” field of involvement expands to many other individual design briefs, such as structural design, landscaping design and design of electromechanical installations. The coordination of projects by its experienced personnel, the team spirit of work by which the office is characterized and the constant collaboration that it maintains with other specialties, ensure the mutual understanding between client, designer and manufacturer, so as to facilitate the procedures and guarantee the integrity of the works. With its distinct design ideology, the office aims to construct buildings with a unique architectural voice, adopt principles of bioclimatic design and utilize new technologies.

Through appropriate recruitment and a modern organizational structure “M&M Architects” offer high quality services. The production of works is implemented through the use of modern CAD software which is supported by digital systems of text and drawing manipulation, programs of photorealistic simulation, studies of natural lighting-insolation-shading, image editing, pagination, material libraries and other databases. Throughout the design process, qualitative controls are constantly carried out along with verifications of accordance between architectural design and any associated technical studies. Upon completion of the study, the office supports the implementation of the works up until the final receipt, while in many cases it has also undertaken their construction by providing construction management services.

Civil & Structural Design / Earthquake Resistance Design / Design of Earthquake Reinforcement for Existing Structures – Structural Rehabilitation / Geotechnical Design & Supervision / Construction Supervision & Management

"OMETE S.A." has had a presence in the Greek construction sector since 1975, with close to 30 years of continuous operation. The company has a vast amount of experience with regards to the anti-seismic and structural engineering aspects of major buildings, bridges, tunnels and general infrastructure projects. "OMETE S.A." places great importance in quality management and has been certified according to the ISO Quality Management System, being one of the first design companies to implement it in Greece. Amongst many such projects undertaken, the following are included: the structural/anti-seismic/geotechnical design of tunnels and stations for the Athens Metro system, the complete structural/anti-seismic/geotechnical design for the Thessaloniki Metro system, the structural/anti-seismic design of a large section of bridges, overpasses, underpasses, culverts for the E65 Central Greek Highway, the structural/anti-seismic design and construction supervision of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, the structural/anti-seismic design of the Onassis House of Letters and Arts, as well as the structural/anti-seismic design of the Foundation of the Hellenic World Theatre and Building. The company has also undertaken international projects such as the East London Line and projects in Hong Kong, and has partnered with companies such as Scott Wilson Ltd, Ferrovial Aggroman S.A., Dragados S.A., Metropolitana Milanesa S.A., Rock Soil S.A., Vinici Construction, Expedition Ltd and Energon Gmbh.

"OMETE S.A." currently employs 29 civil engineers and 15 draughtsmen, has access to the latest and most up-to-date software for structural/anti-seismic and geotechnical design and is fully capable of undertaking large scale projects and services, such as; structural design, anti-seismic design, strengthening/repair of structural damage, geotechnical design, projects involving traditional buildings and monuments, construction supervision, project/construction management, as well as consultancy services.

A particular field in which "OMETE S.A." has developed significant expertise is the seismic strengthening of existing buildings and structures and remedial works on structures damaged in earthquakes. Based on accumulated technical experience and know-how, numerous buildings have been reinforced and successfully tested by recent strong earthquakes. Special mention of the design of seismic isolation used in the Onassis Cultural Centre must be made, which demonstrates the company's proficiency with cutting edge methods of design and familiarity with innovative design solutions.

Electromechanical Design / Supervision of E&M Projects

The company “HM Engineering S.A.” was founded in 1992 by Giorgos Diamantouros and Kostas Zacharios. Lilia Bartzioka, Vasilis Kolovos, Aggelos Lempesis and Rodanthi Kokkini all participated from the early stages of the process of its development and in time became shareholders. From its formation onwards, the company has consisted of a multi-member team of mechanical and electrical engineers, computer and environmental technology engineers, designers and administrative personnel. Besides its permanent staff, the company also collaborates with external partners who provide expertise in solving complex issues.

The company has been certified by the international organism of certification TUV-CERT – TUV AUSTRIA HELLAS LTD with the Quality Management System certification, based on the requirements set by ELOT EN ISO 9001:2000.

The main activity of the company is the provision of Consultant and Engineer Services for studies, supervisions and technical support for the construction of Electrical and Mechanical building installations, industrial facilities and structural works.

“HM Engineering S.A.” undertakes numerous private and public works for both small and large-scale projects, and is considered amongst the leading E/M offices in Greece. The office operates methodically and within a specific framework when setting up a project; initially, an appropriately experienced team of study or supervision is formed and led by a highly experienced coordinator as project leader who holds a minimum 20-year professional experience record. With the requirements of the client in mind, the technical dates and time schedule are set. The project tasks are assigned to the team members of each specialty (electrical, mechanical, plumbing, etc.) and the supporting engineers are briefed accordingly, so that the project is carried out within the agreed time schedule. The coordinator and the managers of individual teams hold regular meetings to ensure the full coordination of the project, as well as meetings with the assigned specialised engineers and the client. At each stage of the elaborated study (preliminary study, final study, implementation) and throughout the course of supervision or coordination of the works, the study team acts under a system of constant monitoring of progress and timely adjustment of the project at hand.