Through its work and within its capabilities, Quadrant Consulting Group aspires to leave a positive legacy to the community in three main ways:

The Group aspires to contribute to contemporary culture through the architecture it produces. It aims to examine new ways of thinking and expression in which different routes of investigation can converge, to condense multifaceted, syntactic and imaginative intentions into its proposals, as well as to explore deeper angles of sensing material space, expressing imagination and activating emotions. It hopes to enable its architecture to reflect the potential changes of an open society and to transform them into meaningful architectural proposals, more sensitive towards human needs, more expressive and, at the same time, more poetic.

During the elaboration of its projects, the Group maintains the principles of sustainability as a priority, both in its scientific and design approach. The search for a balanced relationship between the built and natural environment remains today a central issue in architecture, urbanism and the field of construction in general. It is true that modern society is increasingly dominated by products and symbols of technology; in this techno-centric environment the sciences, in general, and architecture, in particular, often have to oppose ecology in order to mediate between physical phenomena and man satisfying his instinctive primeval needs.

The Group is committed to searching for innovation through its work. Without the innovative element, the constant renewal of ideas, the philosophical and scientific thought required to make changes, finding solutions to already marginal, global problems is likely to be further prolonged. Irrespective of how vast the issue at hand might seem, whether it be climate change in relation to the better design of cities, an interrogation of the cultural conditions which are to be inherited by future generations, or even an assessment of the conditions which must be recreated in order to better our quality of life, the Group is committed to act and make personal dreams come true.